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The company translates all documents and research specialized in various fields of translation, engineering, medical, technical, commercial or legal ... etc. By a group of the best translators specialized in each field.
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Engineering Translation

Engineering translation services include many fields ranging from: defense, infrastructure, telecommunications, and consumer devices. And we have the ability to both large and small project management

Technical Translation

This technique is in constant evolution; so we are always keen for all of our technical translators to match the pace of technological development, and possess a sophisticated developed vocabulary of technical terms specialized in this industry.

Medical Translation

In this field, we have drawing specialists in the medical field, who contributed before in the preparation of all types of documents related to medicine for facilities of different size business.

Legal Translation

Our legal translators are selected based on their expertise in this field. Our team ensures providing an accurate translation of the legal documents, they also can be ratified to be submitted to any court or governmental form in any country.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translation services are dealing with commercial correspondence and global marketing campaigns, and we are keen to provide specialist translators who have been selected carefully to our customers, as the company can translate many of the commercial documentation for a lot of companies in various fields such as: (Travel and Tourism - hospitality and hotels – banks businesses and financial businesses - wholesale and retail businesses - manufacturing - engineering – Telecommunications).

Islamic Translation

We provide Islamic translation services by specialized translators according to Sunni sect who have the linguistic and religious qualifications that help them to translate the texts accurately.
There are two reviews for the translated texts: by native speakers, and an overall review by a linguistic religious expert.
The religious translation includes translation of: religious books, introducing Islam brochures, Subtitle Translation, phone applications and Islamic websites.